KPS Software Analyses subsurface reservoir behaviour for Talisman Energy

October 2005

KPS has successfully completed an analysis of subsurface interactions in the Claymore field of North Sea operator Talisman Energy using their patented Well Interactions Software.

KPS Well Interactions Software analyses production and field measurement data spanning many years of operation and automatically identifies and quantifies subsurface interactions between wells such as injector support for producer wells. The results can improve the understanding of reservoir behaviour and can lead to more effective water injection and maintenance of existing wells and placement of new wells.

"A major advantage of our technology is that it uses existing production data only and is independent of any first principles models of the reservoir." said KPS Director Clive Duebel. "We believe this type of analysis would benefit many fields which use water injection or where interference between wells is not understood."

For further information or a web based demonstration of KPS Well Interactions Software contact:

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